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Bayer Hit With New Wave Of Monsanto Roundup® Lawsuits

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Has Your Health Been Damaged By Monsanto’s Weed Killer? A Roundup® Cancer Lawyer Can Fight For You

At the end of October, Bayer disclosed that lawsuits from 9,300 plaintiffs were pending across the U.S., an increase from 8,700 announced in August.

The lawsuits are being filed against Monsanto’s weed killer, Roundup®, a controversial product that has “wiped billions off Bayer’s market valuation,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Bayer, a German pharmaceutical and chemical giant recently acquired the product in their purchase of Monsanto, the U.S. agrochemical firm.

While Bayer aggressively holds their stance that the product is not dangerous, the number of accusations from consumers continues to rise. If you or a loved one has become ill after repeated use of the weed killer, you should consider consulting a Roundup® cancer lawyer at Goldwater Law Firm.

When your health comes into question, you deserve justice. Large companies, like Monsanto and Bayer, should answer for any harm that their products have caused. An attorney can help you understand your legal options and ensure your voice is heard.

Plaintiffs Claim That Roundup® Causes Cancer

9,300 plaintiffs around the country allege that they or a loved one developed cancer after using Roundup®. Furthermore, the lawsuits claim that Monsanto knew or should have known the dangers associated with their product but failed to appropriately warn consumers.

Bayer continues to point to scientific studies and regulatory authorities that “prove” the safety of glyphosate. A common chemical found in herbicides, glyphosate is the main active ingredient present in Roundup®.

“We continue to believe that we have meritorious defenses and intend to defend ourselves vigorously in all of these lawsuits,” said Bayer’s chief executive, Werner Baumann.

Despite Monsanto and now Bayer’s attempts to stamp their glyphosate-based products as “completely safe,” the number of lawsuits has recently hit a new high and is likely to continue rising.

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First Surge Of Lawsuits Due To $289M Verdict

The first surge of lawsuits back in August 2018 occurred after a landmark verdict of $289 million was awarded to Dewayne Johnson, a school groundskeeper who frequently used Roundup®. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Mr. Johnson’s lawyer argued in court that the diagnosis was due to the regular use of Roundup® and that Monsanto not only knew of the risks but made attempts to cover them up.

The California jury sided with Mr. Johnson, awarding him $289 million- $39 million in compensatory damages and a massive $250 million in punitive damages. Although Mr. Johnson’s compensation was later reduced to $78 million, the verdict remained and has opened the door for thousands of others who have similarly been diagnosed with cancer after years of using Roundup.

“Probably Carcinogenic To Humans”

Whether or not glyphosate is dangerous to humans is widely contested, even among the health and scientific communities. For example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains that the chemical is likely not a carcinogen, however, The World Health Organization’s cancer research agency (IARC) stated in 2015 that it is “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

The IARC’s decision was supported by extensive studies conducted in lab rats that provided strong evidence proving the chemical has dangerous side effects upon regular exposure. Furthermore, the IARC leaned on convincing evidence from studies conducted by the USA, Canada, and Sweden that show farmers and other agricultural workers exposed to large amounts of Roundup® developed cancer at higher rates.

While there is little scientific evidence directly linking glyphosate and cancer in humans, there is believed to be an association between regular exposure to glyphosate and the development of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer originating in the body’s lymphatic system.

Additionally, Monsanto and Bayer’s failure to address the potential risks and harm their products have caused has led many consumers to distrust Roundup®.

The Widespread Use Of Glyphosate

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Glyphosate is a key ingredient in herbicides, comprising 41% of Roundup Original. Roundup® products are the most widely used weed killers in homes and farms across the U.S., making it easy to be exposed to the potent chemical. You can potentially be exposed to glyphosate by:

  • Drinking contaminated water.
  • Eating food grown in soil that has been treated with the chemical.
  • Regularly breathing air near sprayed areas.
  • Touching plants that have been sprayed.

It is imperative that Roundup® and other products containing glyphosate are safe because they are so widely used by Americans and consumers around the world. You should always be able to trust the safety of any product you bring into your home. When this is not the case, manufacturers must be held responsible for the damage their products cause.

How An Attorney Can Help

If you have developed cancer and believe it was a direct result of regular exposure to glyphosate present in Roundup® products, you may be entitled to receive compensation to cover your pain and suffering, medical bills, or any lost wages. A Roundup® cancer lawyer can help determine if you have a case and how you should proceed.

At Goldwater Law Firm, our compassionate team understands the severe physical, mental, and financial impact a cancer diagnosis can have on you and your family. That’s why we are dedicated to helping individuals across the United States whose lives have been affected by a dangerous product, like Roundup®.

Similar to Mr. Johnson’s case, compensation cannot reverse a terminal cancer diagnosis. However, it can help provide financial comfort during a difficult time and, most importantly, hold irresponsible corporations responsible for their negligent actions.

Don’t hesitate to ask for legal help. Call our law office today at 800-210-9700 or fill out our free consultation form to speak with a Roundup® cancer lawyer today.