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Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuits

A recent study has proven a connection between an increased frequency of uterine cancer and the use of chemical hair straighteners and relaxers. Those who have used chemical hair straightening products regularly and have received a uterine cancer diagnosis could be entitled to significant compensation with a chemical hair straightener lawsuit. To learn more and find out if you qualify, complete our online form or give us a call to schedule a free case review.

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Study Proves Link Between Chemical Hair Straighteners and Uterine Cancers

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently published a study connecting frequent application of chemical hair straightening and relaxing (also known as “perm”) products to a significantly increased risk of uterine and endometrial cancers. In fact, women who used these products four or more times per year had a 2.5x higher risk of developing these cancers.

The study spanned 11 years and involved almost 33,500 women aged 35 to 74. Because this is a product typically used on textured hair, African-American women made up 60% of users.

This study also noted the following chemicals found in these straightening products that may have a direct link to uterine cancer:

  • Parabens
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Metals, including cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), and iron (Fe)

Despite being aware of previously-published studies linking their products to breast cancer and uterine fibroids, especially in African-American women, chemical hair straightener manufacturers continued to market these products. Having this knowledge and refusing to take action to address these problems could leave them liable for the illnesses sustained by their customers. 

If you have questions about what options are available for recovering your losses, take our quiz and find out if you qualify.

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Were You Diagnosed With Uterine Cancer After Using Chemical Hair Straighteners?

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Common Uterine Cancer Symptoms

While uterine cancer responds particularly well to treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, successful recovery can often be dependent on early diagnosis and intervention. 

Schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible if you suffer from any of the following symptoms of uterine cancer:

  • Pain or cramping in the pelvis
  • White or clear thin discharge in postmenopausal women
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods
  • Vaginal bleeding after menopause
  • Persistent, heavy, or prolonged vaginal bleeding after age 40

Who Qualifies for a Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuit?

If you’ve used a chemical hair straightening product, either applied at home or professionally, and you have been diagnosed with either endometrial uterine cancer or uterine sarcoma, you should contact Goldwater Law Firm now to find out if you qualify to file a lawsuit.

Some of the eligibility requirements for filing a chemical hair straightener lawsuit include

  • Use of a chemical straightening or relaxing product for two or more years, especially including the year prior to receiving the uterine cancer diagnosis, OR use of the products for five or more years if you were diagnosed more than ten years after using the products,
  • Use of the product at least four times a year, and
  • Proof that you used the product with evidence such as receipts, pictures, and a signed affidavit.

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