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Recently, Janssen Research & Development finished conducting a study on a low-dose option for Xarelto. The low-dose option is under FDA review for approval. Could offering Xarelto at a lower dose cut down on the number of potentially fatal bleeding events?

No Longer One Size Fits All Dosing

Xarelto is a blood thinner that was once considered an amazing alternative to Warfarin. It was advertised as a blood thinner that required no additional blood tests and no dietary restrictions. The one size dose meant that patients all took the same dose and didn’t have to visit with their doctor to determine if they were taking the right dose.

Xarelto Lawsuits and Uncontrolled Bleeding

Although many people had high hopes about Xarelto, lawsuits were filed against Janssen and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, because of a noted increase of uncontrolled bleeding. Unlike Warfarin, when people experience an uncontrolled bleeding event, there’s no known antidote to stop the bleeding. While uncontrolled bleeding is considered a medical emergency, Vitamin K cannot be used with Xarelto. Unfortunately, medical professionals have few options outside of simply monitoring the patient and waiting for the drug to run its course.

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed by injured patients and their families. Some of the lawsuits allege that had patients known about the true risks associated with uncontrolled bleeding, they may have chosen a different treatment option. Two cases, known as bellwether cases, have already undergone trial through multi-district litigation.

Low-Dose Xarelto – Will It Reduce the Risk of Injury to Patients?

Under the low-dose option being considered by the FDA, patients would split the 20 mg dose into two pills a day. The goal is to potentially reduce the likelihood of patients experiencing an episode of uncontrolled bleeding; and, if uncontrolled bleeding occurs on the low-dose method, waiting for the medication to complete its life cycle takes less time than a full dose.

Ultimately, whether Xarelto’s low-dose option will reduce the risk of injury to patients can only be determined with time and additional studies. Janssen released a press release regarding the low-dose option and stated that they believed it would “broaden the physician’s ability to customize treatment plans based on the needs of the patient.” During their FDA approval process, Janssen submitted data from the EINSTEIN CHOICE study that looked at using the traditional dose and low-dose of Xarelto for patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE).

Know the Signs and Get Medical Help

Regardless of the dosage of Xarelto, the fact that it is a blood thinner means that there is a risk of uncontrolled bleeding. This is extremely concerning since there is no known antidote for uncontrolled bleeding for Xarelto patients.

If you’re taking Xarelto or if someone you love takes it, make sure that you know the signs of an uncontrolled bleeding event. They are medical emergencies and you should immediately go to a hospital if you recognize the signs of one.

Hurt by Taking Xarelto?

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