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Hepatitis B: Warning Signs Sovaldi Patients Should Know About

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Hepatitis B related jaundice

Recently, Sovaldi, a drug used to treat Hepatitis C, was linked to reactivation of Hepatitis B. In this article, you’re going to learn what you should know about Hepatitis B and why you should talk to your healthcare provider for monitoring.

What Is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a liver infection. Although it can be treated and often cured, some people who have Hepatitis B don’t even recognize that they are a carrier because they don’t have severe symptoms. However, this disease can be fatal and it can also be transmitted even by people who have no symptoms. Hepatitis B is serious. It can cause scarring to your liver, liver failure, and is even linked to the development of liver cancer.

Sovaldi and Hepatitis B

Sovaldi is a treatment for Hepatitis C. It’s done well to treat it, but recently the FDA issued a boxed warning, their most serious warning, regarding the fact that Sovaldi has been linked to the reactivation of Hepatitis B. Remember, some people can have Hepatitis B and never know it. When it shows up during Sovaldi treatment, it often has potentially deadly consequences. That’s why understanding the warning signs are so important.

The Two Types of Hepatitis B

There are two types of Hepatitis B. The first type is considered acute. This means that after you’re treated for Hepatitis B, the virus leaves your body. Then, there is chronic Hepatitis B. In chronic Hepatitis B, the virus remains in your body even after you’ve been treated for it and even if you no longer show any symptoms. Chronic Hepatitis B is usually diagnosed six months after you’ve been treated if you still  have the virus in your blood. Even if you don’t have symptoms, you’re considered a carrier of the disease. Other people can still catch Hepatitis B from you if they are exposed to your blood, have sex with you, if you give birth, if you share needles, if they are exposed to any open sores that you have, or even from sharing a toothbrush.

What Are the Signs of Hepatitis B?

If you notice any of these signs while you’re being treated with Sovaldi, see your healthcare professional right away.

  • Jaundice. If the whites of your eyes or if your skin has a yellow tint to them, you may have jaundice.
  • Brown or orange pee.
  • Your bowel movements are the color of clay.
  • You develop a fever.
  • You’ve had fatigue for a really long time.
  • You have a loss of appetite, nausea, or vomiting.
  • You have abdominal pain.

Remember, you may not have known that you are a carrier of Hepatitis B. So, if you’re showing symptoms while taking Sovaldi, call your healthcare professional right away. Liver damage and death are serious risks.

Diagnosed With Hepatitis B While Taking Sovaldi?

If you were diagnosed with Hepatitis B while taking Sovaldi, call Goldwater Law Firm. You may have a legal right to compensation. To learn more, contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation.