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The Most Common Causes Of Birth Injuries

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Birth injuries, also known as birth traumas, are injuries to a baby or a mother that occur during the labor and delivery process. While most pregnancies and deliveries go smoothly and have absolutely no issues, around 28,000 babies or mothers experience a birth injury each year. If you’re thinking about having a baby, are pregnant, or of child-bearing age, it’s important that you know the most common causes of birth injuries. Knowing the most common causes of birth injuries can help you know what to look for in order to minimize the chances that it could happen to you or your baby.

Birth Injuries And Babies

A birth injury for a baby can be defined as any injury (such as a cut, broken bone, fracture, oxygen deprivation, or other injuries) experienced by the child at the time of labor and delivery. There are some statistics that make birth injuries more likely for babies.

Babies who weigh more than 8 pounds and 13 ounces are more likely to suffer from birth injuries than smaller babies. Sometimes, babies who are bigger can become stuck in the birth canal. This can cause broken or dislocated shoulders or hips. It can cause the need for a doctor or other medical professional to use forceps or a vacuum to aid in delivery. The baby could also be deprived of oxygen which can cause permanent injury.

The shape of the mother’s pelvis can also cause an increase in the likelihood that a baby experiences a birth injury. If the mother’s pelvis is misshapen or too narrow, the baby, regardless of his or her weight, could become stuck. This could result in the need to perform an emergency c-section. The misshapen pelvis can also cause prolonged labor. When labor is prolonged, it increases the chance that the baby will suffer from hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) which can cause a permanent injury to the brain or other internal organs.

Difficult labor, regardless of its cause, can also increase the chance of the baby experiencing a birth injury. One of the most common reasons that women experience a difficult labor is because the baby is not in the proper birth position. This can cause the cord to become wrapped around the baby’s neck.

Improper Medical Care May Cause Birth Injuries

Sadly, another common cause of birth injuries is improper medical care. When signs of fetal distress are ignored by labor and delivery professionals, the chance of the baby suffering a birth injury is drastically increased. This is why it is so important for labor and delivery professionals to understand and use the most current standards of care.

Birth Injuries Are Serious Matters

Birth injuries are serious matters. They can cause permanent, lifelong disabilities for your child. The permanent disabilities caused by birth injuries can result in an increase in medical expenses and the need for permanent care in the future. If your baby suffered a birth injury, contact Goldwater Law Firm to learn about your options. We provide compassionate representation and help our clients hold medical professionals accountable for birth injuries. To schedule your free case evaluation, call Goldwater Law Firm now. The consultation is free and confidential.