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Tesla Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Unintended Acceleration

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In class action lawsuit news, another car manufacturer is facing serious legal allegations. Tesla Motors now faces a class action lawsuit because of sudden unintended acceleration of its Model X. Although this is the first class action lawsuit faced by Tesla Motors, it is not the first lawsuit against a car company for sudden unintended acceleration.

What Is Sudden Unintended Acceleration?

Sudden unintended acceleration is when a vehicle suddenly accelerates without the intention to do so by the driver. Unfortunately, this is often partnered the brakes of the vehicle becoming less effective. Sudden unintended acceleration can happen because of driver error, a mechanical issue, or even an electrical issue.

Other car companies that have faced allegations or lawsuits of sudden unintended acceleration include Kia, Audi, Ford, and Toyota. Lauri Ulvestad owned a 2011 Kia Sorento that experienced one of the worst cases of sudden unintended acceleration. Her terrifying ordeal included speeds of 115 miles per hour while on a highway in Missouri and doing what she could to keep control of the vehicle. Her vehicle was even escorted by Missouri Highway Patrol. Kia continued to insist it must have been something that Ulvestad did in the vehicle. Yet, they ultimately settled this case and other cases. Both Kia and Hyundai issued a massive recall on their vehicles made between 2006 and 2011 for a brake switch failure and other service issues.

Why The Tesla Class Action Lawsuit Is Different

Although claims and lawsuits involving sudden unintended acceleration have been around for a long time, the class action lawsuit against Tesla is different from those against other vehicle manufacturers. Tesla Motors creates vehicles that are advertised as being the “smartest” and “safest” vehicles available. In fact, many models are advertised with the ability to know when it is home and it can back itself out of the garage without a driver. Tesla’s Model S sedan was tested and is rated as one of the safest cars ever created. When a company uses advertising methods that tell consumers that they have the “smartest” and “safest” items, people rely on those statements.

How The Tesla Class Action Lawsuit Started

According to the complaint filed against Tesla Motors, the number of sudden unintended acceleration incidents is higher than those of Toyota and other vehicles. The class action lawsuit alleges that the vehicle has the capacity to accept an instruction to accelerate to full speed and run into a wall. Specifically, the Plaintiff, Mr. Son, was driving with a passenger. When he arrived home, his Tesla accelerated and ran through the garage and stopped in his living room. Both Mr. Son and his passenger were injured.

Whether it was a mechanical or electrical defect remains to be seen. Yet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may soon be investigating Tesla’s sudden unintended acceleration as requested by the Plaintiff’s attorneys.