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American President Donald Trump

What Trump’s Presidency Could Mean For The FDA

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Trump ran on at platform of deregulation

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a government agency. The FDA has the job of regulating things that are consumed and used by the public. The FDA is best known for how it regulates medications and medical devices. The FDA has the power to approve or deny new products coming into the market. They also have the power to recall medications, medical devices, foods, beverages, and other devices. Another important job of the FDA is to issue safety notices to the public. The purpose of a safety notice is to inform the public that there may be an issue or side effect that is associated with the item or product in question.

Deregulation: A Central Theme of Trump’s Campaign

One of Trump’s central campaign themes was deregulation. When something is deregulated, it means that we take away the rules that were in place over it. While there are some small businesses that hope deregulation will solve a lot of their problems, but deregulation can hurt a lot more than it could help. Donald Trump promised to repeal two regulations for every one regulation that is passed at a federal level. Trump also wants to deregulate energy and wants fewer regulations related to the environment. Trump wants to dissolve the EPA.

How Deregulation Would Hurt America

As mentioned earlier in this post, the FDA has an important job. The agency regulates whether medications, food, beverages, medical devices, and other products can be sold to the public. The FDA is heavily influenced by Big Pharma. Harmful meds and devices are released often without full testing or without the manufacturers honestly reporting their findings. When problems happen, the FDA rarely issues a recall on these devices.

With the current onslaught of dangerous medications and medical devices on the market, deregulating the FDA could put even more people at risk. Considering the current dangers, imagine if there were fewer regulations for the manufacturers of medications, foods, beverages, and medical devices. Take the supplement industry as an example. Currently, supplements do not require FDA approval. They need a disclaimer stating that their observations have not been approved or tested by the FDA. Supplements aren’t required to be tested. There is absolutely no proof that supplements are safe or even effective.

Now, imagine if medication for Diabetes, heart problems, kidney failure, arthritis, or even birth control had fewer regulations. Deregulation of the FDA would mean even fewer tests than currently conducted. It could mean no clinical trials. It could mean an increase in injuries and deaths because of medications and medical devices. It could mean an increase in lawsuits filed by drug injury lawyers in order to help patients get the compensation that they need. Yet, with fewer laws in place, that would make the case harder to prove for drug injury lawyers.

Do You Need A Drug Injury Lawyer?

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