Bayer/Johnson & Johnson and Jannsen Pharmaceutical Research have been named as defendants in lawsuits regarding Xarelto. The lawsuits are seeking compensation for injuries arising from complications due to rivaroxaban. Rivaroxaban is the active ingredient in Xarelto and is used to prevent blood clots. Unfortunately, serious and sometimes life-threatening complications and side effects have been linked to the use of Xarelto. Patients and their families are seeking to recover compensation for their damages.

Questions regarding how much the manufacturer knew has come up during litigation. The Goldwater Law Firm is accepting clients who wish to file a Xarelto lawsuit. If you believe you have a claim because you experienced severe bleeding after taking Xarelto, contact our office for a free case evaluation.

Xarelto Approved For Use In The United States

Xarelto was approved for use in the United States in 2011 as an anti-coagulant medication. It is used by patients with atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat); after knee and hip replacement; and, to treat and prevent blood clots. The approval of Xarelto meant that patients who had to use blood thinners could finally enjoy some of the things they had previously been denied.

Prior to Xarelto, patients taking blood thinners had to follow some strict dietary guidelines such as avoiding foods high in Vitamin K, most greens, some juices, and alcohol. Xarelto did not have those restrictions. Patients could eat and drink whatever they wanted if they switched to Xarelto.

Unfortunately, switching to Xarelto had serious risks that were not adequately explained to patients and doctors — severe bleeding.  Severe bleeding from the stomach and eyes is a serious side effect of using Xarelto and the risk increases with age. Because of the dangerous and sometimes deadline side effect of severe bleeding, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took action.

Black Box Warnings

The FDA required the drug manufacturer, Bayer/Johnson & Johnson, to place “black box” warnings regarding the potential for severe bleeding.  According to the FDA a “box warning” often referred to as a black box warning is intended to draw attention to serious or life-threatening risks. The warning appears on the drug’s label in a black box to call as much attention as possible to the information.

The Xarelto lawsuits allege that the warnings were not sufficient for patients and doctors to make an informed decision whether to use the medication. Injured victims allege that the manufacturer used celebrities in its advertisements to promote the positive aspects of Xarelto while concealing the danger of severe bleeding. As a result of this intentional concealment of information, patients suffered great harm.

Two class action lawsuits are now pending with the number of plaintiffs and Xarelto lawsuits expected to continue to increase as the public and doctors are made aware of the severe bleeding side effect of the drug.

The FDA Questions Testing Of Xarelto

In addition to the allegations regarding concealing vital information regarding severe bleeding and other side effects, the FDA is investigating allegations of a faulty blood monitor being used during the testing phase for FDA approval of Xarelto. During the clinical trial for the drug, a malfunctioning device might have resulted in misleading data that gave Xarelto an unfair advantage in the trials. It is yet another question regarding what Johnson & Johnson knew about the drug prior to its approval and distribution.

Are You Taking Xarelto?

If you experience any bleeding episodes or other side effects associated with Xarelto, report these to your doctor immediately. Your first priority is your health. If you believe your condition is the result of taking Xarelto, contact our office for a free case evaluation. Our Xarelto attorneys will advise you of your legal rights regarding compensation for your injuries. Contact the Goldwater Law Firm for a free case evaluation.


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