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Monster Energy Dismisses Claims Of Heart Attacks

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In February, five people filed lawsuits against energy drink manufacturer, Monster Beverage Corp., claiming that its energy drinks caused irreversible and life-threatening health complications. Robert Grim, a twenty-something Arizona man, discovered that he had stage four kidney disease after downing four Monster Energy drinks per day, over the span of several years. Grim is now on dialysis, awaiting a kidney transplant. Contact a Nationwide Injury Lawyer Today.

Monster Calls Lawsuit a ‘Copy-Cat Case’

Included in the five civil suits are claims of heart attacks, renal failure, and stroke. They allege that Monster Beverage Corp. was negligent, failed to warn of risks associated with consumption of their drinks, and guilty of defective design. Monster is dismissing these claims. In fact, in a recent statement, the company referred to one of the plaintiff’s claims as a “copy-cat case filed by personal injury lawyers…trying to make a cottage industry out of suing energy drink companies.” In the statement, Monster was referring to a lawsuit filed by a 43-year-old man who said he suffered a stroke after five years of consuming six cans of Monster Energy every day. “There is no merit in the case whatsoever, and Monster will vigorously defend it,” the company said. “As the case progresses, it will likely be revealed that Mr. Rine suffered from preexisting health conditions that caused his injuries—completely unrelated to consumption of a Monster Energy drink.”

Two Deaths Linked to Monster Energy Drinks

The plaintiffs in the above cases are not alone. Alex Morris, a 19-year-old California man, died from cardiac arrhythmia that his family claims was caused by energy drinks. Morris’ mother alleges that Alex drank two cans of Monster Energy daily for three years. A year earlier, 14-year-old Anais Fournier went into cardiac arrest and died after consuming two 24-oz cans of Monster Energy within 24 hours. Her family filed a lawsuit, claiming that the drink contributed to the young girl’s death. An autopsy uncovered toxic levels of caffeine in Fournier’s system which may have led to the girl’s death.

Energy Drinks are Nutritional Supplements?

Energy drinks, including Monster, are regulated as dietary food supplements, not as food. As such, the FDA does not require labels to list the exact amount of caffeine in each drink. Due to their classification as ‘nutritional supplements,’ energy drinks can also exceed the caffeine limits that the FDA imposes on other beverages, such as soda.

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