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If You Developed Cancer After Using Talcum Powder, Goldwater Law Firm is Here to Help!

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The Goldwater Law Firm has been helping individuals across the country collect compensation after being harmed by big companies like Johnson & Jonson for over 20 years. Attorney Bob Goldwater and his extensive network of industry experts and experienced attorneys have helped thousands of claim holders collect millions of dollars in settlements through fierce, yet thoughtful, litigation.

Many women who used the popular Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, Baby Powder, have developed ovarian cancer, and now Attorney Bob Goldwater and his network of trusted attorneys are on a mission to bring the company to justice and see the women compensated for their loss and suffering. Review the following transcript to learn how the Goldwater Law Firm may be able to help you if you used Baby Powder and developed ovarian cancer.

Speaker 1:
Attention women: The makers of Baby Powder have just announced they are pulling the product from the shelves.

Speaker 2:
If you or a loved one used any talcum powder product and were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, call the Goldwater Law Firm.

Speaker 1:
Call right now and find out in less than two minutes if you may qualify. You may be entitled to a large out-of-court settlement.

Speaker 3:
Your time to act is quickly running out, so call us immediately. Call 1-800-494-8686. That’s 1-800-494- 8686.

The Goldwater Law Firm is helping women across the country seek the compensation they deserve for their suffering. If you or a loved one used Johnson & Johnshon’s Baby Powder or any other talcum powder and have since developed ovarian cancer, contact Attorney Bob Goldwater today to find out if you may qualify for a case that could grant you significant compensation.