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Has COVID-19 Impacted Your Business? Call The Goldwater Law Firm Today!

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Attorney Bob Goldwater has been helping people seek the money they need with the help of his network of industry experts and experienced attorneys for over 20 years. With his knowledge of the law and network that spans the entire country, he has people all over recover millions of dollars in settlements.

The Goldwater Law Firm is partnering with hundreds of businesses across the U.S. who have been affected by the coronavirus shut downs. If your business had to shut down temporarily or even for good due to government mandated closures and you carry business interruption insurance, you’re entitled to compensation for your losses. Read the following transcript to learn how The Goldwater Law Firm may help you seek what’s yours.

Speaker 1:
Attention, has your business been affected by the coronavirus?

Speaker 2:
If you carry business insurance from one of these carriers, your policy may entitle you to compensation, but this money is not easy to get. Call the Goldwater Law Firm. We can help file your insurance claim and get you justly compensated for your financial losses. We are your business insurance solution.

Speaker 1:
Call now and in less than two minutes, find out if you may qualify.

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Call 1-800-494-8686. That’s 1-800-494-8686.

It only takes one call to get the experienced help of Attorney Bob Goldwater on your side. No matter where you are in the U.S., The Goldwater Law Firm can help you stand up to the insurance company trying to skip the bill on your business interruption losses. Get in touch with us today to get started with a free case review.