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Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Juul

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As the vaping epidemic persists across the nation, there has been an increasing number of investigations and news stories attempting to get to the bottom of the health crisis. Juul, the $24 billion e-cigarette company that has dominated the vaping industry, is widely blamed for the epidemic and is now suffocating under growing litigation.

With the large amount of uncertainty surrounding the vaping industry and Juul’s part in the nationwide epidemic, sorting through hundreds of news articles to stay informed can be overwhelming. To make it easier, Goldwater Law Firm and our partner Juul lawyers have shared the top six things you need to know about Juul and the vaping industry.

#1: Juul Has Been Accused of Marketing to Teens

young-man-in-hoodie-vapingThe number of teens who vape or are exposed to vaping has surged across the country. In fact, one in four teenagers vape, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This spike in popularity amongst teens has caused health and government officials to call Juul’s marketing strategies into question. While Juul executives continue to claim that their mission has only been to provide a safe alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers, evidence points to ulterior motives.

Some lawsuits against the company claim that Juul marketed a sleek device and brightly colored pods that come in a variety of fruity, sweet flavors in order to target a younger audience. As “juuling” has become widespread among teenagers, the company has done nothing to prevent its products from falling into the hands of minors.

Teens across the country have developed serious and even fatal vaping-related illnesses.

#2: It’s Not a Nicotine Patch

Despite Juul’s alleged goal for e-cigarettes to provide a way for smokers to quit cigarettes, the FDA has not found vaping to be a safe and effective method. While some smokers have, undoubtedly, made the switch from traditional cigarettes, many continue to use both products. E-cigarettes are especially dangerous for teens, some of whom have started smoking real cigarettes after developing a vaping habit.

#3: It’s Highly Addictive

When e-cigarettes rose to popularity, many consumers believed they were much safer than traditional cigarettes. In fact, some people thought vaping products didn’t contain nicotine at all. The fact is that Juul pods DO contain nicotine and they ARE highly addictive, despite what Juul’s marketing has led many younger consumers to believe.

#4: One Juul Pod Is Equal to a Full Pack of Cigarettes

modern-electronic-cigarettesWith the sleek design and convenience of Juul vaping products, it’s easy to underestimate the amount of nicotine that’s present in the pods. It’s important to understand exactly how much nicotine you’re consuming when you use Juul e-cigarettes. One single Juul pod is equal to a full pack of cigarettes.

This is incredibly worrisome for adolescents who vape regularly throughout the day, as nicotine has been known to affect brain development and cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and heart attacks.

#5: The Long-Term Health Effects Aren’t Known

Traditional cigarettes have been around for decades, so the long-term effects have become common knowledge. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are relatively new. Invented in 2004, health experts don’t yet know the long-term effects Juul products and other e-cigarettes may have on the body. In their short existence, e-cigarettes have been linked to mysterious lung diseases, like popcorn lungs, which thousands of individuals have contracted.

The CDC’s Dana Meaney-Delman, MD, said, “E-cigarette use is never safe for youth, young adults, or pregnant women.” However, as the risks and long-term effects of vaping are still being investigated, health officials have recommended that all people stop using e-cigarettes.

#6: Over 30 People Have Died From Vaping

Since people began suffering from vaping-related diseases, over 30 people have died and more than 2,000 people have reported seeking medical treatment. The rise of Juul and the vaping industry as a whole has produced a new generation of children who are now addicted to nicotine. Our youth are facing serious illnesses and death. We must act to protect the safety of our children.

We’re Ready to Act. Are You?

One of the most important things to know if you or your child has suffered after using a Juul product is that you may have legal options. At Goldwater Law Firm, we are committed to protecting consumers’ rights. When large corporations, like Juul, act irresponsibly and threaten the health and safety of consumers, they deserve to be held responsible.

However, standing up to these companies and their legal teams can seem impossible. We’re here to help bring justice to an unequal scenario. If you or a loved one has become ill after using Juul products, we may be able to connect you with an experienced Juul lawyer who can help.

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