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Bayer Officially Removes Essure From The Market

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Consult an Essure Lawyer if You Were Injured by This Dangerous Device

Bayer’s permanent birth control device, Essure, has officially been removed from the market. The company announced in July that it planned to discontinue sales at the end of 2018 due to declining profits. However, many consumers have argued that the device was not safe to begin with.

While Essure is no longer an available birth control option, its safety is still a pressing issue. Post market safety will continue to be monitored by the FDA to ensure the well-being of the women who’re still using the device. “I want to stress that, even when Essure is no longer sold, the FDA will remain vigilant in protecting patients who’ve already had this device implanted,” FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, M.D. said in a statement.

If you have an Essure implant, it’s important to stay informed on recent updates regarding the device and to educate yourself on the reported risks and concerns. In the event that you have suffered injuries you believe are associated with the device, you may want to consult an Essure lawyer to determine if you are entitled to compensation.

Essure’s Safety Concerns

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Essure is a permanent form of birth control intended for women ages 21-45 who do not wish to have children. It was the only form of sterilization available for women that did not involve surgery.

The device consists of a pair of nickel-titanium coils that are inserted into the fallopian tubes. The coils cause inflammation and scar tissue that block the tubes so that eggs cannot reach the uterus.

Essure is a controversial device whose safety has been debated by the public and in courtrooms for years. Thousands of women complained of chronic pain, allergic reactions to nickel, organ damage after migration of the coils, and numerous other problems they argued were directly caused by the device.

In light of patient complaints, the FDA took action to address the potential health risks and safety concerns. In 2016, the FDA required Bayer to conduct a study on Essure’s safety, in addition to including a warning label on the device and a patient Decision Checklist to ensure that women considering Essure were made fully aware of the possible risks.

Essure Litigation Against Bayer

Many women who have suffered from the medical device have sought regulatory action against the manufacturer, Bayer. According to Consumer, “There are approximately 18,000 lawsuits in both federal and state courts across the United States.”

These Essure lawsuits claim that Bayer failed to warn patients of the severe side-effects, such as device breakage, uterus perforation, autoimmune diseases, and a host of other health problems.

By filing lawsuits, plaintiffs hope to receive compensation for the cost of medical care and other related expenses incurred as a result of the device. Many women are also pursuing damages for emotional pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages in order to punish Bayer for falsely promoting an unsafe medical device.

Currently, no major settlements or verdicts have been awarded to women injured by Essure.

Despite the increasing number of lawsuits, Bayer continues to defend the safety of their device. In a statement, Bayer spokesperson, Courtney Mallon, said that the company’s decision to halt distribution was “based on a decline in U.S. sales of Essure in recent years and the conclusion that the Essure business is no longer sustainable.”

Have You Been Injured by an Essure Implant? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Bayer and the FDA have stated that the discontinuation of Essure is not a recall, therefore, women with the Essure implant who aren’t experiencing any concerning side-effects should feel safe leaving the implant in place:

“I also want to reassure women who’ve been using Essure successfully to prevent pregnancy that they can continue to do so. Those with Essure who suspect they may be having symptoms related to the device, such as persistent pain, should consult with their doctor on what steps may be appropriate for them to take,” Gottlieb said in the FDA statement.

If you start experiencing painful symptoms that you believe are related to your Essure implant, you should seek medical attention immediately. Additionally, if the device caused a severe complication, you may be able to file a lawsuit against Bayer.

An Essure lawyer will be able to explain your legal rights and determine if you are eligible to receive compensation. The amount of compensation you are entitled to for an Essure settlement or verdict will depend on various factors, such as:

  • The severity of the side-effects you suffered,
  • The total cost of treating those side-effects,
  • If any ongoing or future care is needed, and
  • If you lost income as a result of your injuries caused by the device.

An attorney can review your case and may help you seek any economic and/or non-economic compensation you deserve.

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