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Do You Think You Have A Mirena Birth Control Lawsuit? Read This.

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An intrauterine device (IUD) sold to women under the product name of Mirena is currently under fire. Mirena birth control lawsuits are being filed by women because of serious health issues. In a Mirena birth control lawsuit, the most common allegations are that the manufacturer, Bayer, has a dangerous design defect that puts women at risk and that Bayer didn’t provide patients with enough information about the potential side effects.

Serious Health Risks and Side Effects

Mirena has not been recalled by the FDA, but more than 45,000 women reported serious side effects to the agency. Those side effects include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Uterus perforation. Many women reported that Mirena, placed in the cervical canal, moved and cut through the uterus.
  • Mirena embedded in the uterus. When Mirena would perforate the uterine lining, it would often become stuck. This made removing the IUD difficult.
  • Migration of the device. Some patients reported that Mirena moved from the cervical canal to other areas of the pelvic region. This often causes severe pain and requires surgery to correct.
  • Despite the proper implantation of Mirena, some women reported becoming pregnant during use of the device. Almost half of the reported pregnancies were ectopic and required immediate medical attention. Many other pregnancies resulted in a miscarriage.
  • Ovarian cysts. According to Mirena’s website, 12% of women using the IUD develop an ovarian cyst. While cysts sometimes disappear on their own, they can also cause extreme pain and sometimes they must be removed through surgery.

The medical problems caused by using Mirena aren’t just serious. They’re dangerous. In addition to causing serious pain, some of the side effects were deadly. Some, such as the development of pelvic inflammatory disease, can make women unable to conceive.

The FDA released a warning letter to Bayer to address the increased risk of women developing pelvic inflammatory disease and ovarian cysts. The letter suggests that patients be better counseled on the risks of using Mirena.

Proving a Product Liability Lawsuit

A Mirena birth control lawsuit is a civil matter. Many plaintiffs allege that Bayer’s IUD, Mirena, has a design defect. This means that plaintiffs believe that the actual design of the IUD is flawed and that it is one of the main issues that caused injury to the plaintiffs. With this allegation, the plaintiffs must prove that although the IUD may primarily do its job, the way it is designed is unreasonably dangerous.

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