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What Are The Requirements To File An Invokana Lawsuit?

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Invokana, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, is named in lawsuits filed by diabetes patients who blame the drug for serious and sometimes life-threatening side effects. When Invokana was first approved and released for use by the public, it was hailed as a life-changing prescription for many adults with diabetes. In addition to blocking the absorption of sugar and eliminating the excess sugar through the urine stream, it also helped many diabetics lose some weight and experience a drop in their A1C.

Unfortunately, Invokana wasn’t the miracle drug that everyone hoped it would be. While it helped many diabetics better manage their blood sugar, it caused serious, permanent, and sometimes life-threatening problems for other patients.

Invokana Lawsuit Claims

Plaintiffs who file an Invokana lawsuit have done so after experiencing serious issues including, but not limited to:

Because the potential side effects for Invokana are dangerous, it’s important that you understand the risks associated with each one. Having diabetes on its own creates the risk of ketoacidosis, problems with the kidneys, can increase your risk for cardiovascular issues and strokes, and poor wound healing can lead to infections and amputation. Many plaintiffs allege in their Invokana lawsuit claims that had Johnson & Johnson better informed of the increased risks of the above listed potential dangers, they may have chosen a different medication.

FDA Places Black Box Warning on Invokana

After receiving thousands of reports related to amputations, strokes, kidney disease, ketoacidosis, and other dangerous side effects caused by Invokana, the FDA required the medication to have what is known as a black box warning. This warning is the most serious warning issued by the FDA. The FDA also urged diabetics to talk with their doctor immediately if they notice new pain or tenderness, sores, ulcers, or infections in their legs and feet.

The black box warning came because studies have shown that using Invokana practically doubles the risk of amputation. In every 1,000 treated patients, 5.9 patients required an amputation in the CANVAS trial compared to 2.8 patients taking a placebo. In the CANVAS-R trial, 7.5 patients out of 1,000 taking Invokana required an amputation. Only 4.2 patients out of every 1,000 patients taking a placebo required an amputation.

Potential Compensation from Invokana Lawsuit Claims

If you took Invokana and had an amputation, ketoacidosis, stroke, heart attack, or kidney damage, you could be eligible to receive compensation by filing an Invokana lawsuit. Common forms of financial compensation include money for your medical expenses (including future medical care because of permanent injuries from Invokana), lost wages, temporary or permanent disability, and even pain and suffering. If you’ve lost a loved one after they took Invokana, you could be eligible to file an Invokana lawsuit on their behalf and you could be entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering and even loss of companionship.

Goldwater Law Firm provides free consultation for individuals who believe that they may have an Invokana lawsuit. Our team of experienced personal injury and product liability lawyers takes pride in providing zealous and aggressive representation. We want to help injured patients and their families hold the drug manufacturer accountable. To learn how we may be able to help you, call us or complete our contact form.