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Talcum Powder: Is Cancer A True Risk?

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Is talcum powder cancer a true risk? It’s a question that’s on the minds of many women. Currently, Johnson & Johnson faces around 1,500 lawsuits that allege talcum powder caused the female plaintiffs to develop ovarian cancer. While you may have seen recent news on a jury who did not agree that talcum powder caused cancer for one plaintiff, there are many other women who received verdicts in their favor. Johnson & Johnson plans to appeal in cases where the juries sided with plaintiffs, citing their own research that they believe proves that talcum powder cancer isn’t a real risk.

Here’s what we know based on several recent verdicts.

Deborah Giannecchini’s Talcum Powder Cancer Verdict

In 2016, Deborah Giannecchini received a $70 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson. She alleged that she used Shower to Shower daily for almost 40 years and that she developed ovarian cancer. Mrs. Giannecchini alleged that Johnson & Johnson was negligent in how they marketed what she believed to be a dangerous product. Sadly, she faces an 80% chance of dying. Mrs. Giannecchini’s attorney relied on medical studies from as far bask as 1970 that show talcum powder use causes a 40% greater risk of ovarian cancer. Her lawyer also relied on an internal memo from Johnson & Johnson that showed they knew about the increased risk of talcum powder cancer in women.

Gloria Riestesund’s Talcum Powder Cancer Verdict

Gloria Ristesund sued Johnson & Johnson after 40 years of daily use of their product, Shower to Shower. She was awarded $55 million after being diagnosed with Stage I ovarian cancer. Her cancer was found when she underwent a hysterectomy. What makes her case so important is because the pathologist found talcum powder inside of her ovaries. This stunning find was just one piece of the evidence that the jury used during their deliberation.

Fox Family Awarded $72 Million for Talcum Powder Cancer Claim

When Jacqueline Fox was 62 years old, she died from ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed three years before her death. Her family was awarded $72 million for a talcum powder cancer claim filed against Johnson & Johnson. The Fox family alleged that she used Shower to Shower for 35 years. The Fox’s legal team relied on an internal Johnson & Johnson memo from 1997 that was written by their medical consultant that read, in part: “anybody who denies [the risks]” associated with “hygienic” talc and cancer would be looked at in the same way as someone who denies smoking leads to lung cancer.

Despite knowing the risks since at least 1997, Johnson & Johnson did not remove known carcinogens from their products until 2012.

Free Talcum Powder Cancer Case Evaluation

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