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The Overdose Epidemic: Do You Need An Opioid Overdose Lawyer?

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The United States is in the grips of an epidemic. According to current statistical data released by the CDC, 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose each day. The main contributing factor? Opioid prescriptions. Prescriptions, addiction, and overdose have become so enmeshed together that there are several lawsuits pending against drug manufacturers. If your family was affected by this tragic epidemic, you must ask yourself whether you could benefit from the services of an opioid overdose lawyer.

If Opioids Are Dangerous, Why Are They Prescribed?

In a perfect world, there would be no need for an opioid overdose lawyer. However, opioids are incredibly dangerous and often obtained from doctors. The opioid overdose epidemic we’re now facing as a nation began two decades ago. While opioids existed before the 1990’s, they weren’t prescribed to the extent that they are now. This is because in the 90’s, pharmaceutical companies that manufacture opioids made it a point to tell doctors and medical facilities that opioids were safe and that the likelihood of addiction was zero.

Doctors began to prescribe opioids in greater numbers because they relied on the information provided by opioid manufacturers. Unfortunately, it became clear that opioids were highly addictive. Opioid overdoses increased. Some patients began doctor shopping. When drug regulations around narcotics were strengthened, some patients turned to the streets to buy opioids. Many users switched would buy pills believing they were oxycontin only to die because they actually purchased and used fentanyl.

When Should You Speak with an Opioid Overdose Lawyer?

Opioid overdoses are often unexpected. Close to 80% of people who are addicted to heroin report that they became addicted to opiates because of misusing a legitimately obtained opiate prescription. Sadly, close to 30% of people who receive opiates because of chronic pain will end up abusing them.

Opioid addictions can go unnoticed by family and friends. Some people may not know until their loved one has an addiction until an overdose occurs. If you’re loved one was seriously injured or died as a result of an overdose, you may benefit from making an appointment to speak with an opioid overdose lawyer. Make an appointment for a free claim evaluation with Goldwater Law Firm if:

  • Your loved one received a prescription from a medical professional for an opioid. It doesn’t matter if they received the prescription ten days ago, ten weeks ago, ten months ago, or ten years ago. That could have started the downward spiral into addiction.
  • The opioid overdose caused the death of your loved one. Call us even if your loved one overdosed using opioids they purchased from someone else.

People who are prescribed and take opioids of any kind for a long period of time can become physically dependent on them. Additionally, the long-term use causes the individuals to develop a tolerance. This means that in order for the individual to get the same level of pain relief or feelings of euphoria, they must take a higher and higher dose. Sometimes to amplify the effect, people will drink alcohol or combine it with other medications. This also increases the danger.

Free Claim Evaluation by an Experienced Opioid Overdose Lawyer

If you believe that you may have a claim against a drug manufacturer, contact Goldwater Law right away. You can schedule a free claim evaluation with an experienced opioid overdose lawyer. It’s 100% confidential.