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Abilify Addiction Side Effects Impact Children Too

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Children the have taken Abilify are also at risk for developing addictions

Abilify addiction side effects are no joke. Addiction is a devastating issue. It’s showing up not just in adults who take Abilify. It’s also showing up in children. Addiction is just one of many serious side effects that are associated with Abilify.

The Risk Of Addiction While Taking Abilify

Recently, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, the company who markets Abilify, agreed on a $19.1 million settlement based on allegations of deceptive marketing practices and pushing its off-label (non-FDA approved) use. However, there are still lawsuits pending against Otsuka and Bristol-Meyers Squibb alleging that patients who took the drug suffered irreparable harm because they developed serious gambling and shopping addictions. Adults throughout the nation suffered the loss of their jobs, their family, and their life savings because they were taking Abilify to help them.

In children, the risk of addiction usually doesn’t surface as a gambling addiction. Rather, the Abilify addiction side effect for children is most often a gaming addiction. Even children who were doing well in school had an active social life, and felt close to their family could be affected. Although video game addiction may sound trivial, it’s important to keep in mind that there are people who died because they continuously played video games and did not eat or sleep.

While it is true that children are resilient and can often recover from serious issues that affect them during childhood, it’s also important to remember that the brain is still forming during this time. Because they have less life experience, they’re not as driven to necessarily think through the consequences of their actions.

It’s also important to consider the formation of an Abilify addiction side effect. One of the main issues with addictions such as shopping, gambling, or gaming, is that the action is driven by compulsion. A compulsion is much harder to change. With compulsive behavior, several areas of the brain can be affected. Fulfilling a compulsion provides, for a temporary time period, a warm, fuzzy feeling. It causes the brain to release dopamine and serotonin. Because of this, people with compulsions are driven to continue. It’s usually something that can only be corrected with therapy and sometimes medication.

Abilify Addiction Side Effects Isn’t The Only Concern For Children

Abilify’s addiction side effect isn’t the only concern when it comes to treating children. Abilify lawsuits have also been filed because of a link between the drug and the development of Type II Diabetes. The lawsuits against Otsuka and Bristol-Meyers Squibb allege that both companies knew the risks associated with the development of Type II Diabetes in children, but didn’t make it an active point to share that information.

Drug makers and manufacturers have a duty to provide accurate information about their medications. If you noticed the Abilify addiction side effect in your child or if your child developed Type II Diabetes, you should call Goldwater Law Firm. We provide free case reviews. Our goal is to help children who were injured from taking Abilify get the compensation that they deserve. To learn whether an Abilify lawsuit would benefit you, contact Goldwater Law Firm now.