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Bair-Hugger Warming Blanket Lawsuits On The Rise

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Bair Hugger Lawsuit | Goldwater Law Firm

Bair-Hugger warming blanket lawsuits continue to rise. Once used to prevent hypothermia, Bair-Hugger warming blankets are used in hospitals and surgical facilities throughout the nation to keep patients warm during their initial recovery time from surgery.

Bair-Hugger Warming Blanket Lawsuit Allegations

How could using a revolutionary warming blanket go so wrong as to result in the filing of thousands of lawsuits? The Bair-Hugger warming blanket lawsuit allegations involve patients who developed deep joint infections after the blanket was used on them while they recovered from a joint replacement surgery. Two of the infections were so bad that the patients needed a limb amputated. Plaintiffs involved in the Bair-Hugger warming blanket lawsuits allege that 3M, the owner and manufacturer of the technology, was negligent in the design and manufacture of the product.

Why Deep Joint Infections Happen

Bair-Hugger warming blankets are often used directly after a joint replacement surgery. The purpose is to keep the patient warm. The Bair-Hugger warming blanket includes three components. There is a disposable blanket, a hose, and the machine that creates the warm air. The warm air travels through the hose and gently surrounds the patient. This is done in a sterile environment. It’s a surprise to many people that the Bair-Hugger warming blanket lawsuits are alleging the development of deep joint infections.

It is alleged that the flaw in the design and manufacturing is within the warm air machine and the hose. Since the patient is usually in the surgical suite or in the recovery room, the environment is presumed to be sterile. However, the Bair-Hugger machine sits on the floor. The air that is collected and warmed is closer to the floor which may not be totally sterile since medical professionals and visitors may not be required to wear booties over their shoes. The air, and any bacteria within it, is carried through the hose and surrounds the patient and their surgical incision. The bacteria may settle into the wound and cause a deep joint infection.

What Are the Signs of a Deep Joint Infection?

A deep joint infection is often referred to as a joint replacement infection. If you recently had a joint replaced and a Bair-Hugger warming blanket was used during your stay at the hospital or surgical center, you should watch for the signs of a deep joint infection. It’s a serious condition that could ultimately leave you in need of an amputation. The signs include:

  • An increase in the pain, stiffness, or swelling of the joint when it was functioning well
  • Warm to the touch
  • Redness around the wound
  • Drainage
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue

If you have certain medical conditions like Diabetes, an immune deficiency, or peripheral vascular disease, you have a higher risk of developing a deep joint infection.

Free Case Evaluations for Bair-Hugger Warming Blanket Lawsuits

If you had a joint replacement and developed a deep joint infection after the use of a Bair-Hugger warming blanket, contact Goldwater Law Firm to schedule your free case evaluation. You may be entitled to monetary damages as a result of developing the infection. You must act now. To learn whether a Bair-Hugger warming blanket lawsuit would benefit you, contact us now.