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Are e-Cigarettes Actually Safer? What The Research Says

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E-cigarettes are one of the nation’s hottest trends. Commonly known as vaping, e-cigarettes have frequently been advertised by its supports as a way for people to stop smoking. They say it’s a way for people to continue to get the nicotine they are addicted to, but without the extra carcinogens and without the second hand smoke. Yet, are e-cigarettes safer than traditional cigarettes? Here’s what researchers have to say about them.

Safety Is An Opinion And Not A Fact

Dr. Peter Shields, a thoracic oncologist, researcher, and Director of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, is leading a study involving the use of e-cigarettes when compared with traditional tobacco products. The study will take two years and will include around 2,000 people between the ages of 35 and 44 years old. They will be asked to use nicotine based e-cigarettes during the study.

Before they begin to use the e-cigarettes, the test subjects will undergo a bronchoscopy to look at their lungs. Then, after the stated time of their involvement in the study, they will undergo another bronchoscopy so that the researchers can observe and note any changes in the lungs.

Since the e-cigarette study hasn’t been completed yet, this means that the rumors that e-cigarettes are safer are just opinions and not facts. This is the first comprehensive scientific medical study devoted to the safety of e-cigarettes. So, any person who states that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional products cannot say that with medical certainty.

FDA Regulation Of e-Cigarettes

In addition to the first medical study of the safety of e-cigarettes, the FDA determined that the devices should be regulated just like tobacco products. The decision to regulate e-cigarettes was made by the FDA in 2016. This includes atomizers, tanks, certain types of batteries, and other components. This also includes the manufacturing of the liquids commonly used in e-cigarettes.

Beginning in 2018, e-cigarettes must also include a warning label like what is seen by consumers for cigarettes. For e-cigarettes, the warning addresses the inclusion of nicotine and must also state that nicotine is addictive. It must also include a warning that it is made from tobacco.

FDA Asks Users To Report Adverse Effects

The FDA recently requested that people who use e-cigarettes inform them of any adverse effects that users have experienced. This can help the FDA and researchers determine the potential threats that exist for the use of e-cigarettes. It gives researchers starting points for future studies to truly determine if e-cigarettes pose less of a threat than traditional tobacco products.

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