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First Cook IVC Filter Cases Selected For 2017

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Cook IVC filter lawsuits to be heard in 2017

Cook IVC filter cases are headed to court. The presiding judge, Richard L. Young, of the Cook IVC filter trial has chosen three lawsuits from the multi-district litigation. These trials are extremely important to the final outcome of all of the other pending lawsuits against Cook and other IVC filter lawsuits.

IVC Filters Hurt Patients

IVC filters are inferior vena cava filters that are implanted into patients to stop blood clots from traveling to the lungs or the heart. The filter is designed to catch the clots which should prevent embolisms, strokes, and heart attacks. Yet, the filters have injured thousands of people.

In 2014, the FDA recommended that IVC filters be removed within 60 days of the implantation. That is generally the length of time that it takes for the patient with the device to no longer be at risk of a pulmonary embolism.

However, even when retrievable IVC filters are used, they’re still injuring patients. IVC filters can splinter off and travel through the vein and embed into the body. It has the potential to puncture an organ or even travel to the heart of the patient.

There may also be an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis after the device is implanted. Annals of Surgery examined 803 patients between 2010 and 2014 who had IVC filters implanted after a traumatic event. Their study found that there wasn’t a significant survival benefit and that the patients actually had an increased risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. This is significant because deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot.

Cook IVC Filters

If you have a Cook IVC filter, you should contact an IVC filter lawyer. Cook IVC filters have a 43% risk of perforating according to a June 2015 study published in the Journal of Vascular Interventional Radiology. The study included 99 people with a Cook Celect IVC filter. It also studied 86 people who received a filter sold by a different company. In 43% of thee Cook IVC filter removal procedures, the vena cava was perforated.

Cook Faces Lawsuits

There are more than 100 pending lawsuits against Cook because of their IVC filters. The most common allegation is negligence. They state that Cook knew or should have known about the dangers of the IVC filters fracturing and causing severe injuries and death.

In 2014, the FDA updated warnings associated with IVC filters stating that not only are the filters likely to break and move through the body, but that retrievable filters should be removed within two months after they are implanted.

Contact An IVC Filter Lawyer Now

If you’ve been hurt or if your loved one died because of an IVC filter, you need the help of an IVC filter lawyer. Call Goldwater Law Firm. Thousands of people have been injured by IVC filters and you are not alone. The Goldwater Law Firm has compassionate IVC filter lawyers on staff who are ready to evaluate your case and to protect your legal rights.