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IVC Filter Lawsuit | Goldwater Law Firm

IVC blood clot filters are designed to minimize the risk of a blood clot breaking loose in the lower pelvis and traveling to your heart or lungs. Yet, despite the reported injuries and deaths caused by the IVC filters, they’re still being used.

Despite Manufacturing Concerns, IVC Filters Still Used

When the IVC filter first applied for FDA approval in 2002, it was denied. Bard hired a regulatory specialist, Kay Fuller, to help get the device onto the market. Fuller told NBC that she “was pretty concerned that there were going to be problems with this product.” Fuller’s signature appeared on the following FDA application. However, she insisted that she refused to support the product and did not sign the application.

In an investigative report by NBC, records from C.R. Bard admit that they were concerned about the reports of IVC filter complications, specifically the G2 filter. Bard initiated a study on the safety of the G2 and their study revealed that their filters raised the risk of injury and that there was also an increased number of individuals whose IVC filters were removed for safety reasons. The G2 filter fractures or breaks in approximately 25% of patients.

However, despite knowing of the devastating affects to patients, Bard chose to keep the G2 on the market until 2010. At that time, it was reported to Bard that a patient with the G2 filter had “problems with migration.” His IVC filter had broken loose from the implant site and had managed to move up near his heart. The patient was forced to undergo an emergency surgical procedure to remove the device.

IVC Filter Lawsuits

Bard isn’t the only company that manufactured or continues to manufacture IVC filters. These tiny metal filters have injured or killed thousands. If you or someone you love was hurt or killed because of an IVC filter, you need the help of an experienced IVC filter lawyer regardless of the company that manufactured the IVC filter. Recently, IVC filter lawsuits against two manufacturers, Bard and Cook Medical, were consolidated. The lawsuits allege that the manufacturers made defective products, failed to warn the market about the medical risks, and were involved in negligent misrepresentation of the safety of the devices. You may be eligible to receive a settlement or legal damages as part of the lawsuit. However, it’s imperative that you first speak with an IVC filter attorney to determine if you’re eligible for inclusion.

You May Be Eligible to Receive Compensation

Civil lawsuits generally involve some sort of monetary compensation request. The IVC filter lawsuit is no exception. Hiring an IVC lawyer means that you have a legal advocate who can help you get the compensation that you deserve. You may be eligible to receive:

Legal Compensation

You may be eligible to receive compensatory damages. This means that you are given an award of money because of the injuries that you suffered. Many civil lawsuits also include punitive damages. Punitive damages are given to injured persons as a way to punish the party that caused the injury.

Lost Wages

If you missed time from work because you injured by an IVC filter, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your lost wages.

Future Medical Costs

You may need to receive medical care in the future because of the injury that you suffered. You may be eligible to receive compensation that can be used for your future medical care.

Pain And Suffering

IVC filter injuries are serious matters that cause you more than physical pain. They also cause stress. You may be eligible to receive compensation for pain and suffering as a result of your injury.

Don’t Wait – Call an IVC Filter Lawyer Now

Don’t wait. If you have an IVC filter, you should know that these devices weren’t ever meant to be a permanent solution. Thousands of people have been injured since the 1960’s as a result. If you’ve been hurt because your IVC filter broke down or migrated, you should call an IVC filter lawyer now. Get the legal help that you need to protect your rights under the law. Contact the Goldwater Law Firm right away to schedule your initial consultation.