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Essure Permanent Birth Control: What You Need To Know

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Essure Permanent Birth Control Lawsuit | Goldwater Law Firm

Essure is a permanent birth control method that involves placing a small metal coil in the fallopian tubes of a patient. After a period of time, scar tissue begins to grow around the coil, blocking sperm from traveling to, and fertilizing, the egg. Essure’s manufacturer claims that the device is 99 percent effective at pregnancy prevention. Unfortunately, however, the device is also linked to dangerous side effects, including endometriosis and birth defects. Contact a nationwide defective medical products lawyer today.

Common Complications Linked to Essure

Most pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices have some side effects, but several of the side effects associated with Essure are life-threatening. The most common risks linked to Essure include:

  • Pain, nausea, and vomiting. With no other side effects, these symptoms are usually not life-threatening and pass in time. However, if you experience dizziness, the pain doesn’t subside after several days, you faint, or your nausea doesn’t go away, consult with a doctor immediately.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. This condition occurs when a fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube. If a woman doesn’t have symptoms, or waits too long to seek medical attention, the ectopic pregnancy can rupture, resulting in severe pain, and even death. Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include stabbing pains in the pelvic area, faintness or dizziness, and an unexplained drop in blood pressure.
  • Perforated fallopian tubes or device migration. Essure devices have been incorrectly placed in some women. This has resulted in multiple problems, including severe pain, fallopian tube perforation, device ejection, and the need for the patient to endure a second procedure to change the placement of the device.

In addition to the above complications, Essure has also been linked to neurological complications and death. To date, a total of four women have died as a result of complications related to Essure use; their deaths were from infection, uterine perforation, embolism, and suicide. Furthermore, the death of five unborn babies was blamed on the birth control device.

For five years, a long-term study of Essure patients was conducted. Although the study concluded in 2007, the results were not published until 2015. The report, published in The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, found that:

  • 15 women had to have hysterectomies after using the device
  • 38% of those studied had unusually heavy periods
  • 5% had recurrent pelvic pain
  • 4% suffered from painful intercourse

The Goldwater Law Firm – Nationwide Defective Medical Device Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured by the Essure birth control implant, or any other type of medical device or prescription drug, the Goldwater Law Firm can help. Our skilled Essure lawyers have an impressive track record of obtaining compensation for clients. We believe that pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers should be held accountable when they place more importance on profits than patient health and safety. If you’ve been injured, don’t go through it alone. We are here to help. Contact the Goldwater Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation today.