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Popular Heartburn Medications Now Linked To Dementia

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Nexium Linked to Dementia and Kidney Disease | Goldwater Law Firm

Millions of Americans suffer from heartburn each day. Those who suffer from chronic heartburn use heartburn medications such as Nexium, Prevacid, and Prilosec to treat the condition. Unfortunately, the cure for heartburn can come at a high cost.

In addition to the common side effects, some heartburn medications have severe side effects that can result in permanent and even life-threatening medical conditions.

Nexium Linked to Dementia

Nexium has been linked to several serious medical conditions and now it has been linked to an increased risk of developing dementia.  In one study, German researchers found that people 75 years and older who take Nexium or other PPIs had a 44 percent increased risk of developing dementia. The researchers also found a link between the drug and the ability to reason. While more research may be needed, it is enough to cause alarm. A leading expert on aging, Dr. Malaz Boustani, plans to share the information with his patients to let them decide if they want to take the risk.

Nexium Linked to Kidney Damage

In one study, 200,000 patients were treated for heartburn through the Department of Veterans Affairs. After following the patients for five years, researchers found that those taking PPIs such as Nexium had a 20 percent higher risk of developing kidney disease compared to patients who took H2 blockers such as Zantac and Pepcid AC.

Nexium Linked to Osteoporosis

Nexium has also been linked to an increased risk of fractures of the hips, spine, and wrist according to an FDA warning. PPIs like Nexium can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium, an essential element needed for strong bones. Prolong use of Nexium can contribute to the development of osteoporosis leading to an increased risk of fractures.

Nexium Linked to Heart Attacks

A 2015 study by researchers from the Houston Methodist Research Institute and Stanford University analyzed the health records of almost three million people. They found that those who took Nexium or other PPIs had a 15 percent higher risk of heart attack compared. There did not appear to be a link between H2 blockers and heart attack according to the study.

Nexium Lawsuits

Even though several studies have linked dementia and kidney disease to Nexium, these possible side effects are not listed on the label or packaging material. AstraZeneca, the manufacturer of Nexium, is being sued in several states by patients who have suffered serious and sometimes life-threatening complications from take Nexium. Nexium lawsuits for kidney disease and dementia are being filed in addition to lawsuits for other conditions.

Injured consumers are seeking damages in the form of monetary relief to cover their medical expenses, lost income, personal care, pain, suffering, and other compensable damages. If you have suffered a serious complication after taking Nexium, you can receive a free case evaluation.

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