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What Happens To Women Who Suffer From Permanent Hair Loss?

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Permanent Hair Loss | Goldwater Law Firm

Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug used in the treatment of breast cancer, usually causes hair loss. Most women who are facing this life-threatening condition are willing to take the temporary loss of their hair in exchange for an increased chance of survival. However, for some women, the drug causes a longer-term side effect known as alopecia. Alopecia occurs when a person loses all of their body hair – including the hair on the head, eyebrows, and eyelashes – permanently.


In general, Alopecia sufferers will have only patches of fuzz, or a few strands of hair on their heads. Most women with this condition will opt to shave their heads.

Like cancer, Alopecia sufferers often turn to wigs, scarves, and caps to hide their baldness. Others turn to more expensive remedies such as hair implants, traditionally considered a treatment for male pattern baldness.

All of these options are considered cosmetic and are not covered by insurance. Unfortunately, this means that breast cancer survivors, who have likely already depleted their resources with expensive treatments and related co-pays, are left to handle the costs of paying for hair replacement on their own.

There are some solutions for low income women. For instance, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation has a special fund for women who need to buy wigs but cannot afford them. But this assistance only goes so far.

Psychological Trauma Caused by Hair Loss

Women are constantly bombarded with messages from the media that they need to be pretty. When a woman loses her hair, she begins to lose confidence in the value she presents to the world. Patients with Alopecia are often referred by their dermatologists to a therapist because losing one’s hair can cause psychological trauma.  Men are usually prepared for the possibility of hair loss, as male pattern baldness affects a significant number of males.  But women expect to have hair throughout their lives. When that is not the case, it can result in emotional trauma and distress.  While breast cancer sufferers know baldness is a short-term possibility, when it becomes a long-term reality, it may cause psychological harm.

Alternatives to Taxotere?

When it comes to any type of medication, the benefits should outweigh the risks. Considering that Taxotere is linked to permanent hair loss, are there better remedies or other solutions that would not result in such permanent damage to survivors? To encourage pharmaceutical companies and doctors into thinking long-term about the lives of breast cancer survivors, and to recover damages for the growing list of Taxotere-related Alopecia claimants, there is a Taxotere lawsuit ongoing.

The Goldwater Law Firm – Nationwide Drug Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered Alopecia after taking Taxotere, we can help. The drug injury team at the Goldwater Law Firm has extensive experience fighting big pharmaceutical companies. We will fight tirelessly to ensure you get the compensation you deserve so that you can move on with your life. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation about your case.