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IVC Filter Lawsuit Update

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Judge Robert C. Jones ruled in favor of public interest after an IVC implant lawsuit was settled only six days after the trial had started. Judge Jones denied IVC filter manufacturer C.R. Bard’s request to seal certain trial exhibits and portions of the trial transcript.

Judge Jones noted that a court may “make any order which justice requires to protect the party or person from annoyance,  embarrassment, oppression or undue burden or expense upon motion by a party from whom discovery is sought.”  Further, Judge Jones stated “the mere fact that the production of records may lead to a litigant’s embarrassment, incrimination or exposure to further litigation will not without more, compel the court to seal its records.”  The Motion to Seal filed by C.R. Bard’s attorneys was denied based on the reasons for sealing do not outweigh the public’s interest.

This means that the evidence presented and trial transcripts from this case can be used by Attorney Goldwater and his team as they move forward in obtaining compensation for their clients who have been injured by IVC filters.

If you or a loved one have had an IVC filter implanted, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Goldwater Law Firm today to see if you can file a claim in the IVC filter lawsuit.


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