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Hip Replacement Manufacturer To Pay $4.5 Million

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The first Wright hip replacement lawsuit resulted in a $4.5 million award to the plaintiff on June 12th. Several more lawsuits have been filed since.

Hip replacement surgeries are one of the most common joint replacement procedures performed in the U.S.  Metal-on-Metal hip implants have known to cause problems in patients that are debilitating.  In some instances, the metal-on-metal causes a condition known as metallosis, which is caused from microscopic metal particles that is shed from the metal-on-metal joint replacement and is  embedded in a person’s tissue. The result of exposure to these toxic materials is the subject to many lawsuits.

In 2013, Johnson & Johnson paid around 2.5 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits filed by patients.

Many of the patients that have received the hip replacement surgery are scheduled to be operated on again for revisions. These procedures are costly and while somewhat effective still do not guarantee the patient will not have problems in the future.  If you or a loved have had a faulty hip replacement, contact the Goldwater Law Firm today. We will continue to post updates on the status of hip replacement claims as the information becomes available.

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