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5 Ways Energy Drinks Negatively Impact Your Health

Do you use energy drinks to give you the “boost” you need to make it through your day? Unfortunately, energy drinks can give you much more than a boost if you consume them on a regular basis. What you don’t know about energy drinks could hurt – or even kill you. Between 2004 and 2012, the Food and Drug Administration

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Monster Energy Dismisses Claims Of Heart Attacks

In February, five people filed lawsuits against energy drink manufacturer, Monster Beverage Corp., claiming that its energy drinks caused irreversible and life-threatening health complications. Robert Grim, a twenty-something Arizona man, discovered that he had stage four kidney disease after downing four Monster Energy drinks per day, over the span of several years. Grim is now on dialysis, awaiting a kidney

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Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

Energy Drinks Linked to Heart Problems in Teenagers and Young Adults Energy drinks have become very popular with young people because of their stimulating effects. One Monster Energy drink has 240 mgs of caffeine per serving. However, the real caffeine content is likely much higher because other stimulants in the beverage are not listed as caffeine. Considering that the maximum recommended caffeine

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