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How To Tell If You Have A Birth Injury Claim

Short of a child’s death, there are few tragedies greater for parents than having a child suffer a severe birth injury. There’s a crucial difference between a birth injury and a birth defect. The former occurs during delivery or because of treatment during pregnancy, while the latter is generally hereditary. A child with a birth injury would have developed normally

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What You Need To Know About Birth Injuries

Having a child with developmental or physical disabilities can be extremely challenging; emotionally, physically, and financially. When those disabilities are the result of medical negligence, many parents feel overwhelmed by grief, frustration, and anger. Although injuries can occur as part of the normal birth process, some are the result of error or negligence. There are many types of birth injuries,

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What Happens When Your Child Is Injured During Birth

Every expectant parent hopes for a healthy, happy infant at delivery. For some parents, that’s not the outcome. Their hopes and dreams are dashed from the start because their baby suffers an injury during the birth process, leading to lifelong consequences. Children with special needs often require care far beyond childhood, and this care can be quite expensive. While undoing

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