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How Taxotere Side Effects Can Devastate Cancer Survivors

Many people can cope with wearing a wig during chemotherapy treatment for cancer. It’s a common side effect of many cancer treatments and it’s usually temporary. If you were treated with Taxotere, however, that may not be the case.  You may suffer permanent hair loss, known as alopecia.  In these cases, a wig is no longer just a temporary solution,

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Hair Loss And Taxotere: What The Drug Company Lied About

A cancer diagnosis is devastating. Patients have to deal with fighting the illness, nausea, hair loss, and other complications. Hair loss during chemotherapy can be emotionally challenging, especially for women, but knowing that the hair will grow back often helps make the process slightly more bearable. However, if your oncologist gave you docetaxel – marketed under the brand name Taxotere

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