Oxycontin® and other opioid drugs linked to serious injuries.

If you took Oxycontin® or one of these other opioid medications and then became addicted, contact us now for your free consultation.

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Pharmaceutical Company Contributes To National Opioid Epidemic

What You Should Know

The Oxycontin® maker is Purdue Pharma, which was created by members of the Sackler family. These drugs were considered medical marvels for pain management at the time of their release in 1996. They are prescribed for relief from chronic pain related to injuries, arthritis, cancer, and other conditions.

Although these opioids were initially viewed as a breakthrough, these controversial drugs have been at the center of prescription opioid and unprescribed opioid lawsuits. The use of these powerful opiates has contributed to a national public health crisis resulting from both prescribed and recreational use of drugs from large pharmaceutical companies.

These Purdue Pharma opioids have been linked to numerous side effects. However, the most significant basis for many of these opioid lawsuits is that its highly addictive nature was not properly disclosed by Purdue. Numerous lawsuits say that physicians overly prescribed these opioids to patients who then became addicted.

If you took a Purdue Pharma opioid medication and then became addicted, contact us now for your free consultation. You may be entitled to substantial compensation.


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If you took Oxycontin®, MS Contin®, Butrans®, Dilaudid®, or Hysingla® and then became addicted, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

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