If you or a loved one had a hernia mesh surgery, find out if you qualify for a cash award.

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What You Should Know

Complications that arise from hernia meshes can be severe, and plaintiffs are claiming that manufacturers did not disclose the potential risks to doctors. Certain hernia meshes have been recalled by the FDA because of these complications. 

One of the first recalls was Bard’s Kugel hernia mesh due to the risk of the mesh breaking. Medical C-QUR Mesh, another brand of hernia mesh manufactured by Atrium, was recalled because of the lack of sterile environment in their manufacturing plants. Johnson & Johnson stopped selling Ethicon’s Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh because of FDA violations. 

Potential Complications Of Hernia Meshes Include:

  • Mesh Erosion
  • Hernia Re-opening
  • Fistula
  • Severe/Chronic Abdominal Pain
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Organ Perforation
  • Revision Surgery
  • Bowel Paralysis
  • Sepsis 


You Must Act Fast To Be A Part Of A Money Settlement

Currently, more than 50,000 hernia mesh lawsuits are pending. If you or a loved one had a hernia mesh implanted after 1999, and suffered complications that required additional surgery, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

You deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering! Thousands of patients have already taken action against the manufacturers of hernia mesh.

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If you or a loved one had a hernia mesh surgery and suffered complications, now is your chance to do something about it.

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