Birth Injury


Can You File A Lawsuit Because Of A Birth Injury?

The impending birth of a baby is a special occasion. Mom, dad, and the entire family is excited to welcome the little one into the world. Yet, both pregnancy and delivery are complicated. Even a perfect pregnancy can result in a difficult delivery. If mom or baby is hurt during the process, can a birth injury lawsuit be filed on

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The Most Common Causes Of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries, also known as birth traumas, are injuries to a baby or a mother that occur during the labor and delivery process. While most pregnancies and deliveries go smoothly and have absolutely no issues, around 28,000 babies or mothers experience a birth injury each year. If you’re thinking about having a baby, are pregnant, or of child-bearing age, it’s

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Erb’s Palsy: What Parents Need To Know

Erb’s palsy is a condition that often occurs as a result of a birth injury. It is often caused because of a difficult delivery. Sometimes, parents have the option of filing a birth injury lawsuit against the medical professional or professionals and medical facility involved during the delivery. If you’re a parent and your child was diagnosed with Erb’s palsy

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How To Tell If You Have A Birth Injury Claim

Short of a child’s death, there are few tragedies greater for parents than having a child suffer a severe birth injury. There’s a crucial difference between a birth injury and a birth defect. The former occurs during delivery or because of treatment during pregnancy, while the latter is generally hereditary. A child with a birth injury would have developed normally

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What You Need To Know About “No ­Fault” Birth Injury Funds

The controversial ‘birth injury fund’ bill is back on the table in Maryland. Modeled after similar funds in Virginia and Florida, Maryland’s proposed fund would provide compensation to families of babies with certain types of birth injuries. At first glance, the program sounds great. What could be wrong with compensating families who’ve already been through so much? But the reality

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